Ecology in the production of refrigeration equipment

Porkka strives continuously to reduce the worlds Co2 emissions by developing increasingly energy efficient equipment.

In addition Porkka also manufactures to the worlds highest quality and environmental standards. Our main factories fully comply with ISO9001 :2000 quality as well as the latest environmental protection standard ISO14001, of which Porkka was one of the first refrigeration equipment manufacturers to obtain this accreditation.

Porkka have again excelled in their commitment to the environment by developing the new ‘Inventus’ range of commercial refrigerators and freezers that have ultra low energy consumption.

Using the latest components and compressors and increasing insulation thicknesses we have, after testing in our own accredited laboratory, produced commercial refrigerators and freezers that far out-perform other leading brand in the area of energy consumption. We have presented our findings to who have classified our cabinets as A and B.

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