The new Porkka Bakery Shelf Framing System

Porkka’s new innovative bakery shelf framing system for Porkka Inventus 7 and 8 offer ultimate modular versatility for conservation of chilled or frozen bakery products. The bakery shelf framing system is easy to install, easy to use and and easy to keep clean.


Bakery Shelf Framing System is designed on the basis of standard bakery shelf sizes. Although we have designed it to suite specially Inventus 7 and 8 –models, it converts easily any GN 2/1-size cabinet for bakery use. With the BSF–system you increase easily your cabinet’s life-cycle to meet your changing needs.


All standard bakery shelves fit to Porkka framing system making your life easier. No need to buy new shelves. You can use the framing system also in combination cabinets making the most out of your valuable space.


We designed The Inventus Bakery Shelf Framing System in co-operation with our Bakery customers. As versatile it is, it is also designed to keep cabinet’s air-circulation flowing free all times. It enables the temperature steady throughout the cabinet – even when fully loaded.