Five WI-models designed for vaccine storage

The PORKKA Vaccine cold room is suitable to freeze or refrigerate vaccine articles for medical service, scientific research, agricultural, biological and chemical industries to name a few. Vaccine storage room’s interior temperature can be controlled respectively within the range of +2˚~+8˚C or -15~-25˚C. PORKKA Vaccine Storage refrigerated rooms size range is 10m3, 30 or 40 m3. Standard freezer room size is 20m3 and combined room size total 40m3.

Designed to meet your needs

PORKKA is continuously developing its professional and scientific products. We have designed with our customers five standard models for vaccine storage keeping in mind the changing conditions in the field.

For demanding installations you can also design your own Vaccine storage with our specialists.

Product safety

The complete refrigeration system will be supplied with essential spare parts per room, for two years operation. Our high quality polyurethane panel production line brings the best panels in the market.

In case of failure the dual cooling unit system ensures operational reliability and your valuable medical products in safe.

Qualified with WHO’s PQS (Performance quality safety) status

The WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) process prequalifies products and devices so that its member states and UN purchasing agencies are assured of their suitability for use in immunization programs.

The PORKKA Vaccine storage has been listed by WHO and we have delivered our rooms in all continents around the world.

Quick and easy installation

The cold rooms will be prefabricated walk-in type and be supplied with all necessary mechanical and electrical fittings and equipment for quick and easy installation in the field.

The delivery include all the documentation needed for the installation and the manuals for daily use.