Future refrigeration and freezer cabinets

Restaurant and retail outlet refrigeration equipment designed for the storage needs of mass caterers as well as chilled and frozen products.

Future refrigeration and freezer cabinets for the storage of chilled and frozen products 

The Future chiller, medium temperature and freezer cabinets are designed to be used professionally for the storage of chilled and frozen products. In addition to large kitchens, the products in our Future series are suitable for retail outlets, restaurants, cafés and service stations. 

While the purchase price of Future products is lower than those in the Inventus product family, the solution consumes slightly more energy than Inventus. The inner structure of the cabinets is designed specifically for maintaining high levels of hygiene. The shelves and shelf posts can be removed without tools. The rounded corner and edges are designed for easy cleaning. All stainless steel parts are dishwasher safe. 

Future cabinets can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 43 °C. The cabinets are available mounted either on castors or legs. The doors are equipped with magnetic gaskets that can be replaced without tools. The four adjustable anti-tilt shelves with brackets included as standard are designed to prevent over tilting when the tray is pulled out partially. 

The wide range of Future cabinets is available with the new ecological and efficient refrigerant R290. 

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Future Plus refrigeration and freezer cabinets with efficient cooling air

Future Plus refrigeration and freezer cabinets are equipped with exceptional refrigeration technique. The cooling air comes in at the bottom of the cabinet through an air filter. The air passes to the top of the cabinet into a condenser, resulting in air that is 7 °C cooler than air taken from the top of the cabinet. This structure saves electricity and extends the life of the equipment. The supply air filter is very easy to clean, without the help of maintenance. This saves both time and servicing costs. 

There are three different models available: 

  • Future 520 (Future Plus 530) is sized to accommodate L-400 x S-600 mm shelves. 
  • Future 720 (Future Plus 730) is a GN 2/1 wide cabinet. 
  • Future 722 (Future Plus 732) is a GN 2/1 deep cabinet. Depth-wise, it allows the use of 2 x GN 1/1-sized containers. 

Future 960 is designed for use with trolleys of various sizes.