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  • The new Universal Cold Room is designed for any application. The rooms are designed and manufactured by experts in the Huurre factory in Finland, each room individually customized to meet customer needs. Universal Cold Room (UCR) solution can accommodate angles and irregular shapes – even sloped ceilings are possible. The UCR is at its best in demanding areas; among other things, the rooms supporting structures and piping for the refrigeration can be rotated by design. The UCR freezer room version with thick insulation materials allow a higher operating temperature. Available as a plug in model. With one powerful cooling unit the room may be cooled up to 22 m3. Additional cooling units can be added for larger rooms. UCR door options include hinged or sliding doors for chiller and freezer rooms. Double leaf doors are also available on request. Find more information in our Technical Data sheet for doors. Doors are manufactured in the same factory as the wall elements and are designed for heavy use.
  • Porkka has sold thousands of modular step-in cold storage rooms all over the world. Their popularity is based on the ease of installation and functionality. Our Step-in Rooms made from high-quality materials combine low energy consumption and quiet operation. Porkka cold and freezer rooms have been designed to comply with the most stringent hygiene requirements and are for professional use. The rooms are simple and easy to install, and to use. All rooms are equipped with self-monitoring capability as standard interface. Porkka offers a wide range of modular room sizes, selectable in different temperature ranges. A full range of rooms is available with the traditional R452A refrigerant. Optionally, for room size up to 10 m3 you can choose cooling unit with very efficient R290 refrigerant, a natural hydrocarbon (‘Global Warming Impact’ (GWP 3)).