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Porkka Cold Line Counters for Beverage Storage

Porkka Cold line CL-D beverage counters are  ideal for serving and storing drinks at optimum serving temperature.

Counters are manufactured from quality components they are durable and long lasting, naturally, the counters are supplied ready for the usage and benefit from stainless steel bodies both internally and externally.

Pre-configure your counter

There are multiple variations of CL-D –models. You can design your counter with the web application (requires Adobe Flash). To see more information on available variations, please check the tab “available modules”.



Didn’t find what You are looking for?

Do you want special configuration to fulfill your needs? Please, go to contact center page and send an e-mail to your local specialist.



Each door or drawer is lockable with central locking system and the base is supplied with legs. Shelving is included with each door section.

The equipment also benefits from innovative design features such as pull out refrigeration cassettes for simple maintenance or repair.