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Porkka Combination Medical storage Cabinet M3+ ProMed MC180

Width (mm) 596
Depth + handle (mm) 425+25
Height wall assamble (mm) 2000
Internal width (mm) 500 + 495
Internal depth (mm) 380 + 360
Internal height (mm) 425 + 940
Net Volume (litres) 199+135
Shelves (pcs) 4+4
Door shelves (pcs) 4
Drawers LV 3 (kpl)
Drawers VL 6 (kpl)
Size of the shelves (width x depth mm) 490+155
Drawers VL 3(width x depth mm) 470 x 100
Drawers VL 6 (width x depth mm)
Drawers (width x depth mm)
Connection power (w) 730
Voltage 230V, 50Hz
Gross weight (kg) 105
Refrigerant (g)/GWP 45 g (R600a, GWP 3)
Temp. Accuracy (EN16825) ±0,5 C


As a combination for ProMed refrigerated cabinets we offer our neutral cabinets to store pharmaceuticals that do not require cooling.

 The neutral cabinets have durable plastic shelves as interior and lock as standard.



Features |features-|Neutral, non-refrigerated Cabinets

  • Exterior made of durable and easy to clean melamine board
  • Lockable doors and drawers
  • Shelves and door compartments of durable plastic; especially dimensioned for storing drugs and medicines
  • M1 Cabinet equipped with separate narcotics locker (M1 will be specified as M2 when Combined lower Cabinet with drawers or door)
  • Narcotics locker which is supplied with a separate lock and key than the Cabinet door
  • M1 Cabinet equipped with LED leight automatically operated by the door switch

Combinations with refrigerated Cabinets

  • ProMed MC 70 medical Refrigerator can be Combined with:

VL6 or VL3 (medicine cupboard with 6 or 3 drawers)

M1 Cabinet with door.

  • ProMed MC 180 medical Refrigerator can be Combined with:

M3 Cabinet with door on top or bottom of the refrigerated Cabinet.

VL4 or VL2 (medicine cupboard with 4 or 2 drawers)

Combinations without refrigerated Cabinets

  • M2 (M1 Cabinet but in a Combination) with VL6 or VL3 cupboard with drawers.
  • M2 (M1 Cabinet but in a Combination) with AK with basin (small Cabinet with door)

Specifications of interior and exterior

  • Frame
    • White melamine coated panel
  • Door and drawer
    • White laminated door and drawers are lockable, reversible door
  • Feet
    • Steel base frame, 4 pcs of adjustable 20 mm knurled-head screws
  • Shelves and door
    • Plastic shelves dimensioned for medicines
    • Door with lockers with dividers dimensioned for medicines

Optional equipment

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