Ice cube and ice flake machines for medical purposes

Economical ice cube and ice flake machines for hospitals, laboratories and research use.

Porkka KL-132-152

Porkka KL-42

Porkka ice cube machines for the economical production of ice cubes and flakes. 

Hard, slow-to-melt ice cubes 

The spray system uses only a minimal amount of water and power for the production of round, clear and hard ice cubes. Our production method produces nicely round, hard and clear pieces of ice which melt slowly. 

Ice cubes can be used in hospitals to improve patient comfort in wards, especially in the area of immunosuppressed clients, where a cool drink is greatly appreciated. 

Fine, high-quality ice flakes 

Porkka ice flake machines produce dry, loose ice flakes, which remain loose and easy to handle even over long periods of storage. Our ice flake machines are long-lasting, quiet and efficient. They produce high-quality flaked ice at competitive prices. The flakes are produced in a cylinder within which a crushing screw produces fine, high-quality ice flakes. For further information on the KF-P models, which produce compressed and drier, sugar cube-like flakes, contact our sales department. Flaked ice can be used for many different purposes in laboratories and medical institutions, from physiotherapy to instrument calibration and the transportation of donated organs. 

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