Walk-in cold and freezer rooms

Porkka has designed individual temperature-controlled clean and cold room solutions for decades.

Walk-in cold and freezer rooms are always customized according to your needs

For decades, Porkka has designed individual cold and clean room solutions in cooperation with its partners. 

Porkka Walk-In rooms are designed and manufactured at our modern plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. A walk-in room means a room you can walk in and which has enough space for you to turn around – a “walkable” room. Porkka Walk-In rooms are manufactured and delivered without cooling units. 

Porkka also delivers walk-in rooms to large passenger ships and yachts. 

Carefully planned materials and details

Porkka walk-in rooms are designed to the customer’s specifications. The design is based on the required width and depth with regard to the outer dimensions of the module system. The standard module division is 150 mm, but the rooms can be made to customer specifications, if necessary up to an accuracy of 1 millimeter. Doors locations and partition sections are almost freely selectable. Partitions walls do not increase the external dimensions of the room. 

Porkka customers are provided with detailed CAD drawings of their cold and freezer rooms. The drawings are sent to the customer for approval before manufacturing. The insulation material depths for cold and freezer rooms are 80 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. 

The insulation is rigid CFC / HCFC free polyurethane and the surface material can be selected as polyester- or PVDF-coated galvanized steel or stainless steel. 

The panels are fastened together with eccentric camlocks. 

They are quick and easy to assemble. 

The safety of Porkka Walk-In rooms 

The walk-in rooms are designed to meet all safety requirements. The rooms are of hygienic design, the floor elements are anti-skid and the seams tight. The freezers are equipped, if necessary, with integrated heating elements to prevent freezing or moisture damage under the floor. Freezer room door frames are equipped with a heating element to prevent moisture and ice formation. The lockable doors are provided with an internal emergency release. The panels and doors are CE marked.

Shelving system

The modular shelving systems of walk-in rooms are very practical and easy to clean. 

Accessories include a four-tier machine washable (food safe) plastic shelves and support materials or powder-coated display shelves with rear sliding doors.

Porkka Walk-In-room’s doors

The doors are designed to meet different needs depending on the application. The hinged and sliding doors for cold and freezer rooms are energy efficient and light to use and equipped with high quality of hardware and gaskets. The lockable doors are provided with an internal emergency release. 

The robust design and easily replaceable wear parts make Porkka doors a long-lasting solution.

Porkka Walk-In-room’s floors

The floors of walk-in room are either basic or element set. The floor element’s surface material is WISA® Hexa Grip, birch plywood-based and suitable for heavy-duty use. Cold and freezer rooms can also be installed on top of level concrete floors. 

WISA® Hexa Grip is commonly used for transport, storage sheds and work floors, in scaffolding, working surfaces and floor stands

Marine walk-in rooms

The Porkka Marine Walk-In Cold and Freezer Rooms and doors are manufactured to be eco-friendly and specially designed to withstand extreme maritime conditions. They are easy to assemble and comply with all special requirements and the U.S.P.H.S hygiene standards.

Walk-in rooms and freight transport 

Cold rooms can be supplied without a floor to facilitate the use of trolleys and roll cages. In such cases, the room should be installed on an insulated surface and the door is provided with a sweeper gasket. The floor can consist of a concrete floor and the underlying insulation, for example. 

If the walk-in room has a door sill, the room can also be delivered with heavy-duty ramps. 

PIRLOCK panels for cold rooms

The camlocked PIRLOCK® panel technology for cold rooms is made from the PIR flame retardant material.

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