Cold Line counters

Cold line counters for the cold storage of food and beverages at restaurants and catering facilities.

Porkka cold buffet food service equipment is designed for the storage of food and beverages while also facilitating serving. They are also suitable as pre-preparation stations in restaurants, large kitchens, cafés, and canteens.

The food service equipment is manufactured from high-quality components, and their visible internal and external surfaces are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Ready-to-use food service equipment is reliable, durable, and long-lasting. Cabinets and drawers are sized to accommodate GN1/1-sized and smaller dishes and trays.

Available in either +60 sizing or 00 sizing (e.g., device width 1260 mm or 1200mm).

Adjustable legs or wheels. Most devices also offer hydraulic height adjustment (850-1030 mm) to ensure maximum ergonomic functionality!

The modular structure enables hundreds of different product versions (cabinets, drawers, countertop variations, widths, machine types).

All beverage units come with central locking as standard!

Cold Line counters for the cold storage of food and beverages at hotels and restaurants

The Porkka Cold Line and Display Line counters are designed for the storage of food and beverages and to serve as food preparation counters at busy restaurants and catering facilities, cafés, bars and canteens.

  • The Porkka cold line counter range includes:
  • Cold line counters for food
  • Cold drawer units of different heights for food storage
  • Cold line counters for pizza preparation
  • Cold line counters for food preparation and storage
  • Cold line counter for beverage storage with wells for bottles and ice (also available with an angled well)
  • Cold line counters for beverages
  • Bar 550 Series for beverages

All cold drawer units are available with several special size covers in terms of both width and depth.

The tabletop for pizza preparation can be made with a depth of 850 mm, in which case the countertop is 200 mm deeper than the standard model and the counter has more working space. The line counters are also available with specially dimensioned cabinets suitable for bakery trays (400/450 x 600 mm) for the proofing and storage of pizza and roll doughs!

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Configuration tools

Our free configuration tools allow you to design your own cold rooms or line counters.

The unique equipment depth makes work ergonomic.

The Bar 550 Series for the serving and storage of beverages

Thanks to its depth of 550 mm, the Porkka Bar Line is ideal for the serving and storage of beverages. The depth contributes to the ergonomics of the work and chilled beverages remain at an ideal serving temperature. Central locking systems are a
standard feature in all line counters for beverages.

The Bar Line is designed to speed service at point of sales. Bar counters can be supplied in various formats with either doors or drawers, chilled wells, ice bins or wells for bottle storage. Glass doors either hinged or sliding can also be fitted to make an attractive point of sale merchandiser.

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The cooling of the upper display unit can be turned off, for example, during the night to save energy.

Display Line’s display cases

The wide range allows the implementation of versatile lines. The display cases come in three different widths, and with either two or three shelves.

  • A number of models for different uses: liftable flaps on the customer’s side or sliding doors on the user’s side or liftable flaps on both sides of a display case.
  • There is also a service-model display case, from which the products are served to the customers.
  • The chilled wells have adjustable bottom levels (400 mm), allowing products of different heights to be better displayed.
  • The cooling of a display case’s top side can be switched off the for the night to save energy.
  • Table-top display cases with a neutral temperature.

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