Ice cube and ice flake machines

Our automatic ice cube machines produce crystal clear ice cubes and flakes economically for the needs of hotels and restaurants. 

Porkka B250 jäähilesäiliöt (B) + BF250 kansilevyt (BF)

Porkka B250 flaked ice containers (B) + BF250 deck plates (BF). Separate flaked ice container for larger-scale needs

RB60 jäähilevaunu + TF60 vaunuteline

RB60 flaked ice carrier + TF60 carrier rack. A separate flaked ice container for models KF200, KF300 and KF600.

Porkka KL-42

Porkka KL 132-152

Ice cube and ice flake machines for the needs of hotels and restaurants

Porkka’s ice cube and ice flake machines designed for commercial use produce ice cubes and flaked ice for hotel and restaurant needs automatically, hygienically and economically. Clear and slowly melting ice offers high-quality experiences for restaurant customers and a chance for more appealing food displays in cafés and restaurants. 


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Slow-to-melt, hard ice cubes 

The spray system uses only a minimal amount of water and power for the production round, clear and durable ice cubes. Our production method produces nicely round, hard and clear pieces of ice which last a long time in beverages. 

Ice cube machines are ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, where the quality of drinks is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction. Thanks to continuous development, Porkka ice cube machines produce ice cubes as economically as possible. 

Fine, high-quality ice flakes 

Porkka ice flake machines produce dry, loose ice flakes, ideal for salad bars and the cooling of beverages. Flaked ice can also be used by hotels, restaurants, cafés and nightclubs for more sophisticated and appealing displays. It also ideal for food displays. 

Porkka ice flake machines produce dry, loose ice flakes, which remain loose and easy to handle even over long periods of storage. Our ice flake machines are long-lasting, quiet and efficient. They produce high-quality flaked ice at competitive prices.