Cold storage solutions

Custom-made cold rooms, clean room solutions and high-quality hinged and sliding doors to meet the needs of industrial and pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries.  

Modular rooms and doors


Thanks to a comprehensive range of panels, Porkka’s Ylöjärvi plant can supply different industries and sectors with versatile solutions. 

Porkka designs and manufactures custom-made cold rooms, clean room solutions and high-quality hinged and sliding doors for a variety of needs, including the pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries. 

Cold and freezer rooms for the HoReCa sector are also provided as modular solutions fit to the space reserved for them. 

Walk-in cold and freezer rooms

Porkka has designed individual temperature-controlled clean and cold room solutions for decades.

Universal cold rooms

Our Universal cold rooms and freezer rooms are hybrid rooms that can be fitted with separate cooling units, as opposed to the walk-in cabinets.

Vaccine storage rooms

Vaccine storage rooms are designed for the storage and cold storage of vaccines, also in extreme and tropical conditions.

Hinged and sliding doors for cold rooms

Standard and custom-made hinged and sliding doors for cold rooms.

Cold and freezer rooms

Modular cold and freezer rooms for the cold storage needs of restaurants, mass caterers and other food industry businesses.

PIRLOCK panels for cold rooms

The camlocked PIRLOCK® panel technology for cold rooms is made from the PIR flame retardant material.

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