Cold and hot storage equipment for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector

Porkka offers a versatile range of commercial kitchen equipment for the storage, preparation, plating-up and serving of food and beverages. 

The cold and hot storage equipment of professional kitchens for food preparation and service 

Porkka offers a versatile range of commercial kitchen equipment for the storage, preparation, plating-up and serving of food and beverages. All of our commercial kitchen cabinets and counters for cold, freezer and hot storage, and for blast cooling and freezing, provide mass caterers, industrial and central kitchens with energy efficient solutions of first-rate quality.   

The range also includes cold and freezer rooms designed for the professional kitchens of hotels and restaurants, custom-made for the needs of mass caterers.   

Made from high-quality materials, Porkka products can meet your most highest quality requirements. Every piece of cold storage equiopment for the HoReCa sector is manurfactured in Finland.

Cold and freezer rooms

Modular cold and freezer rooms for the cold storage needs of restaurants, mass caterers and other food industry businesses.

Blast chiller and blast freezer rooms

The modular Porkka blast chiller rooms for the blast chilling and storage of food at restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and other food industry facilities.

Inventus chiller and freezer cabinets

Energy-efficient chiller and freezer cabinets for the chilled and frozen foods of professional kitchens.

Future refrigeration and freezer cabinets

Restaurant and retail outlet refrigeration equipment designed for the storage needs of mass caterers as well as chilled and frozen products.

Hot line counters

Hot line counters for the storage and serving of hot food at restaurants and catering facilities.

Neutral counters

Our non-refrigerated counters for cutlery, utensils and other items and food that can be stored at room temperature.

Ice cube and ice flake machines

Our automatic ice cube machines produce crystal clear ice cubes and flakes economically for the needs of hotels and restaurants. 

Cold line counters

Cold line counters for the cold storage of food and beverages at restaurants and catering facilities.

PORKKA BLUE – Disinfection technology for Porkka refrigeration equipment

The antimicrobial properties of blue light have been widely studied and scientifically proven, but only recent development in LED technology has enabled the cost-effective use of blue light in the control of microbial threats. 

Porkka Blue

A safe, effective and economical solution for the disinfection of refrigerated sales and storage appliances in professional kitchens, shops and similar facilities.

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Most fast-food restaurants typically want both a cold and freezer room. Finland’s largest hamburger restaurant chains rely on Porkka’s solutions for their cold and freezer rooms.

A restaurateur can work alone thanks to Porkka products

Kaija Saariniemi, the owner of Meille-lunch restaurant and catering service in Kemijärvi, runs her restaurant alone

At the moment, Porkka products with less than a month delivery time

Manufacturing in Finland and improved availability of materials allow Porkka to keep the delivery times short and all of the products have a delivery time of less than one month from order date.