Vaccine storage rooms

Vaccine storage rooms are designed for the cold storage of vaccines, also in extreme and tropical conditions.

Porkka vaccine storage rooms  

Room models in five sizes for the storage of vaccines

Store vaccines in the correct temperature, regardless of whether the surrounding temperature is freezing cold or as hot as in the tropical ambient! 

We develop products for the purposes of the medical sector and scientific research on a continuous basis. Together with our customers, we have developed five standard models for the storage of vaccines under demanding conditions.   

We also manufacture vaccine storage rooms based on special requirements. Contact our experts for further information 


Why choose Porkka?  

Product safety and vaccine storage under premium conditions  

The polyurethane wall panels of Porkka vaccine storage rooms are safe and of a high quality. The panels are always delivered with a complete refrigeration system, including spare parts for two-year use. Two independent cooling units guarantee reliable operation and ensure the safe storage of your valuable products.  

Qualified with the WHO’s PQS (Performance Quality Safety) status 

The PORKKA vaccine storage has been listed by WHO and we have delivered our rooms around the world. The WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) process prequalifies products and devices so that its member states and UN purchasing agencies are assured of their suitability for use in immunisation programmes.  

Fast and easy installation 

The cold rooms are prefabricated from quality panels, and the deliveries include all the mechanical and electrical fittings and equipment necessary for quick and easy installation. The deliveries also cover installation manuals and manuals for daily use. 

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At the moment, Porkka products with less than a month delivery time

Manufacturing in Finland and improved availability of materials allow Porkka to keep the delivery times short and all of the products have a delivery time of less than one month from order date.