Porkka – Finnish commercial cooling with decades of experience

Porkka Finland is an internationally recognised designer and manufacturer of professional refrigeration equipment. Porkka products and solutions have been used for decades by mass caterers, restaurants and hotels, hospitals and laboratories, and in pharmaceutical and food industry institutions.

From a two-man servicing company to a refrigeration corporation

The corporate history of Porkka, established in the early 1960s, is an essential part of the history of the Finnish manufacture of refrigeration equipment. The journey from a one-man serving company to the present size and corporation has included a number of acquisitions and different owners. Even so, the manufacturing of the equipment has remained in Finland. Festivo-Porkka Group saw its beginnings in 2019, when Huurre Group sold Porkka Finland to Festivo Finland Oy. Festivo-Porkka Group also includes Suomen Kotikylmiö, which manufactures refrigeration equipment under the Festivo brand. 

The Porkka brand is known for its quality – the long life-cycle and serviceability of its products – and technical skills. The aim of our product development is to bring into practice qualities appreciated by professionals – usability, cost-effectiveness, product safety and life-cycle management. Over the years, the Porkka modular cold and freezer rooms, Inventus refrigeration equipment and Cold Line counters have indeed become the standard devices of commercial kitchens. 

Festivo-Porkka Group operates three plants in Finland. The cold rooms and doors are designed and manufactured at the panel factory at Ylöjärvi. The production of the company’s other commercial refrigeration equipment has been centralized to Kemijärvi, whereas the plant specialized in the manufacturing of Festivo refrigeration equipment and medical cabinets operates in Salpakangas, Hollola. All in all, Festivo-Porkka Group in Finland employs some 200 in production and around 70 in product development and sales. 

Recyclability rate higher than 95% 

The materials used in Porkka products are as recyclable and environmentally friendly as possible. The recyclability rate of our products is more than 95%. Our solutions are designed and manufactured according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. 

Our quality system has been certified by Lloyd’s Register. Porkka also has the environmental certificate ISO 14001:2015 issued by the LRQA. 

Continuous development

Porkka is also actively involved in developing the standardisation of refrigeration equipment in numerous international working groups. 

Our production aims to use Finnish subcontractors and components to the extent possible. Examples of our contract manufacturing include the Novocold beverage dispensers made for Hutek Oy since the beginning of the 1990s and the neutral medical cabinets commonly used in the healthcare sector, to which Porkka’s cold medical cabinets are integrated to form functional ensembles. 

Studies have shown that our innovative Finnish accessories, such as the Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating and the antimicrobial accessory Porkka Blue, both increase product safety and protect users from harmful microbes. 

Porkka Finland products awarded the right to use the Key Flag symbol


Porkka has been a member of The Association for Finnish Work since 1993. Several of our products have been awarded the right to use the Key Flag symbol. 

The Key Flag symbol serves as a sign that a product or service has been manufactured or produced in Finland, and that it provides employment in Finland. The average degree of Finnish origin among Key Flag products is more than 80%. 


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