Cold and freezer rooms

Modular cold and freezer rooms for the cold storage needs of restaurants, mass caterers and other food industry businesses. 

The modular structure allows for a wide range of sizes.

The cold rooms come with plenty of accessories facilitating their use, such as ramps for moving products into the rooms. 

The rooms are equipped with a hygienic plastic shelf system, which allows individual shelves to be cleaned or replaced when necessary. 

Cold rooms are available at heights of 2,100 mm or 2,400 mm. The taller model maximises storage capacity, whereas the shorter model is easier to fit in smaller spaces. Learn more about all the options! 

Self-monitoring capability is a standard feature in all Porkka rooms.

Modular step-in cold and freezer rooms for the cold storage needs of restaurants, mass caterers and other food industry locations

Our wide range of modular rooms includes plenty of different room sizes and temperature areas. Porkka cold rooms can also be integrated into almost any space whatsoever, and they are always customised individually, to suit the needs of each customer.

The rooms are simple and easy to install: the elements are attached to each other with camlocks and the built-in refrigeration unit is ready for installation – all you need to do is plug it in! Our cold and freezer rooms are available with an insulation thickness of 80 mm or 100 mm. The insulation thickness has a direct effect on energy consumption, due to which a large room with 100 mm insulation promptly translates into lower energy consumption.

Porkka cold and freezer rooms meet the hygiene requirements set for professional kitchens, and guarantee safety in line with the Food Act in professional use.

The rooms are available as various technical solutions: a plug-in model, central cooling (CC) system models for different refrigerants and a water-cooled model. If you can’t find one that fits your purposes, contact us!

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Configuration tools

Our free configuration tools allow you to design your own cold rooms or line counters.

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