Blast chiller and blast freezer rooms

The modular Porkka blast chiller rooms for the blast chilling and storage of food at restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and other food industry facilities.

Porkka blast chiller and blast freezer rooms for the storage of food in professional use

Porkka offers a wide range of walk-in model cold and freezer rooms for professional kitchens. Our blast chiller rooms can be customized according to the individual needs of a professional kitchen or restaurant. Blast chiller rooms are used for the rapid chilling and freezing of foodstuffs. 

Blast chilling preserves the original properties of food products during the rapid drop in temperature. This means that the quality of the food remains nearly unchanged. 

Blast freezing, on the other hand, rapidly freezes the food, with the result that the liquid in boiled foodstuffs turns into frozen micro crystals, without damaging the food’s own cellular structure. 

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Some benefits of blast chilling and freezing:

  • The food’s moisture balance remains nearly unchanged – the moisture does not evaporate in the usual manner 
  • Food wastage reduces with the better and longer preservation of food 
  • Large amounts of food can be prepared in advance, saving production time 
  • The need for food products during high seasons and other known periods can be anticipated 

Our blast chiller rooms consist of Blast Chillers (BC) and combined Blast Chiller/Blast Freezers (BC/BF). 

Porkka Inventus BC/BF cabinets

The Inventus BC/BF models are an excellent solution whenever blast chilling or freezing is required. They are designed for heavy use and demanding conditions in professional kitchens, hotels, cafés, shops and similar places. 

Porkka blast chiller and freezer cabinets are made from high-quality, durable components, and represent the absolute best in our industry. They offer world-class usability and improved hygiene and safety. The flexibility and ease are evident in everything. 

Porkka relies on extremely efficient and optimized blast chilling and freezing processes. In the standard programs, the cabinets shift to a storage, or holding, mode after the chilling or freezing process. All critical data necessary for hazard analysis and critical control point (HAACP) are saved in the cabinets’ systems.