Inventus refrigeration and freezer cabinets

Energy-efficient refrigeration and freezer cabinets for professional kitchens for chilled and frozen food products.

Inventus products come with a three (3) year guarantee.

The Inventus series includes various sizes and versions with glass windows.

The guides of the Inventus 6 model are designed for 400×600 bakery trays, the guides of the Inventus 7 model are designed for GN 1/1, and the guides of the Inventus 8 model are designed for GN 2/1.

The cabinets feature an easy-to-use and hygienic controller.

The side wall features 25 molded shelf supports. These moulded shelf supports prevent the shelves from tipping. The supports are spaced 56 mm apart, eliminating the need to purchase separate shelf supports for additional shelves.

The Finnish Key Flag product with a three-year guarantee

Inventus products are highly energy-efficient professional refrigeration units suitable for demanding conditions in professional kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, shops, and similar environments.

Each Inventus professional refrigeration unit is manufactured from high-quality and long-lasting components. Inventus products have been awarded the Key Flag symbol by the Association for Finnish Work. Porkka provides a three (3) year guarantee for the Inventus product family.

Inventus maintains the set temperature even when the door is often open, and stable storage temperatures help reduce waste.

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The inventus 6 model comes with a baking tray 400 x 600 mm directly on the molded shelf runners.

Inventus 7 model goes directly to GN 1/1 long side ahead.

The Inventus 8 model is GN 2/1 sized.

Easy-to-clean professional refrigeration with high hygiene standards

The structure of the Inventus cabinet ensures a high level of hygiene, prevents dirt accumulation, and makes cleaning as easy as possible.

Refrigeration cabinets are available in three different sizes with two storage temperatures – Inventus C6/M6, C7/M7, and C8/M8.

Similarly, freezer cabinets are available in models Inventus F6, F7, and F8.

  • The door has magnetic seals that can be replaced without tools.
  • Four adjustable wire shelves are standard, with brackets to prevent the shelves from tipping over when the shelf is partially pulled out.
  • The bakery shelving system allows the Inventus refrigerator and freezer cabinets to be adapted to the baking oven.
  • The cabinet is available with either wheels or feet.
  • Molded shelf runners to prevent the shelves from tipping over.
  • Work-safe cabinet with no loose shelf runners and shelf pegs.
  • Rounded corners and a rounded bottom tray make cleaning really easy.
  • There are no holes or crevices inside the cabinet to allow dirt to accumulate. All stainless-steel parts of the cabinet are machine washable.

The Inventus range is designed and manufactured with the environment in mind, offering top usability. The cabinets can be used at ambient temperatures up to +40°C!

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Refrigerator and freezer – a long-life energy-efficient solutions for professional kitchens

Inventus refrigerators and freezers have been tested in accordance with the European Ecodesign Energy Labelling Regulation EN 16825  for professional refrigeration equipment.

Inventus maintains the set temperatures even in door-open situations!

Inventus refrigerators and freezers are equipped with

  • extended life cycle
  • many different versions of the products:
    • self-contained plug-in model,
    • central machine options for different refrigerants,
    • Water Heat Exhanger (WHE).

If you are unable to find a suitable option, please contact us!

Where does Inventus’ energy efficiency come from?

The efficiency of the compressor plays a significant role in the energy-efficient operation of Inventus, as it enables significantly shorter operating times per day. In fact, the operating time is only 10-20 % of normal! This makes Inventus one of the most efficient professional refrigeration units on the market.

Furthermore, when the door is closed, the compressor starts and stops only 1-3 times per hour, reducing energy consumption and extending the life cycle of both the compressor and the control unit.

Over the 10-year lifetime of the inventory, the energy cost savings for a single refrigerator will be several hundred euros. With dozens of appliances, even the cost per unit in euros can have a significant impact on annual costs. In the case of a freezer, the savings can be double those of a refrigerator.

Inventus steamer is equipped with improved corrosion protection – a cathodic coating. This technology reduces the risk of corrosion, which in turn extends the life of the equipment and ensures system reliability.

Energy-saving fans with a long-life cycle are a key element of the energy efficiency of the cabinet. They generate less heat, reducing the cooling needs of the equipment and thus contributing to overall energy savings.

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Inventus WHE product line

The Porkka Water Heat Exhanger (WHE) is a liquid condensing system designed to be connected to the heat recovery network of a property. It helps to reduce the overall enerfy consumption of the property.

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Combined cabinets come standard with 2+2 painted wire shelves, one of which is the standard shelf, and the other is the bottom shelf.

Combined cabinets: one cabinet and two storage temperature zones

Porkka Inventus combination cabinets offer a unique solution for professional kitchens, combining cold storage and freezing in the same cabinet.

These 2-door cabinets, with a choice of either cold/cold (C/C) or cold/freezing (C/F) storage, use high quality AISI 304 stainless-steel for long life and easy cleaning. The cabinets offer excellent energy efficiency and low running costs.

Energy-saving fans with a long-life cycle are a key element of the energy efficiency of the cabinet. They generate less heat, reducing the cooling needs of the equipment and thus contributing to overall energy savings.

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