Inventus Medical cold and freezer cabinets

The Inventus Medical cold and freezer cabinets are designed to improve product safety in the storage and warehousing of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. They are energy efficient, safe and reliable. The Inventus Medical cabinets enable the very best product safety – there are no temperature variations. 

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Inventus – Refrigeration equipment for the medical and research sectors

Air circulation in the cabinets has been designed to keep the temperature even up to an accuracy of ±1°C on all shelves. Designed for extreme product safety, the range of cabinets meets the requirements of the F-gas Regulation ((EC) No. 517/2014). The clear user interface reduces the risk of errors. Additional product safety is provided by antifreeze protection in medical chillers, and in freezers by a temperature monitor during defrosting. 

The refrigerant used in Inventus cabinets is the R290 hydrocarbon, which has a very low GWP value. The cabinets are therefore an ecological and energy efficient choice. The environmentally friendly, energy-efficient refrigerant of the Inventus cabinets is therefore a superbly ecological choice. 

The structural solutions of these chiller and freezer cabinets designed for the storage of pharmaceuticals pay special attention to easy cleaning and the prevention of microbial growth. 

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A safe, antimicrobial choice for a blood bank and the storage of pharmeceuticals

The Inventus refrigeration equipment designed for medical use aim, in particular, to minimise the spread of bacteria and viruses. The door handles and control keypads of all Inventus products are treated with the Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating. The interior surfaces of the equipment can also be treated as an optional feature. In such cases, the equipment is also fitted with germicidal lights. These treatments protect the equipment’s components against microbes (including bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses).

Blood banks and plasma storage 

In addition to meeting the requirements for the storage of pharmaceuticals (the DIN 58345 standard on refrigerators for drugs), Inventus cabinets also meet the requirements applicable to the storage of red blood cell products (DIN 58371 standard), necessary for blood banks and plasma storage. Our product range includes a plasma freezer and plasma refrigerator, in addition to blood banks. 

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