Cold storage contracting as a turnkey solution

Porkka provides cold storages for the needs of different areas of industry. Contact us for cold solutions for any need or space. State-of-the-art cold storage designs for the commerce and food sectors. We will provide you with the (industrial) cold spaces you need! 

Cold expertise from design to manufacturing and installation

Porkka project sales is specialized in cold, freezer and clean room solutions of all sizes and according to different requirements. 

Everything from the same place: design, manufacturing and installation. 

Our custom-made solutions are suitable for a wide variety of needs: the industrial sector, industrial kitchens, retail, the food industry, different preparation facilities, logistics, and freezer and cold storage. 

We’ll provide you with a cold solution according to your need – be it for a dairy or vegetable store room or a walk-in cooler. We also take care of the walk-in cold and freezer solutions of schools and daycare centers as a turnkey service! 

Custom-made solutions and lasting cold solutions 

We’ll provide you with initial data for the architectural design and structural engineering phase. And we can also help you when you want to convert and renovate a space into a walk-in cold or freezer room! Our versatile cold elements and extensive experience of different cold solutions (elements, rooms, doors, cabinets, lines and counters) guarantee functioning and successful outcomes. The efficiently insulating doors for cold and freezer walk-in rooms are delivered according to the required dimensions directly from our plant. 

In refrigeration contracting, we will find the best and most cost-effective and durable solutions. 

Our skills have accumulated since the 1960s, and as a company with the Key Flag Symbol, we know how to make the most out of every square meter. Our cold solutions are made to last in your everyday operations. They also account for occupational safety. 

Our project sales representatives are skilled and friendly experts of refrigeration solutions who will support you from the start to the end of your project. Get in touch with us for custom-made and durable cold solutions! 

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