Products for marine galleys

Porkka’s marine-specific Walk-In Rooms, refrigerated and heated Cabinets and Counters are the perfect choice for companies looking for high-quality kitchen equipment that can withstand the demanding conditions of a cruise ship.

The Inventus Marine chiller and freezer cabinets are designed for use in galleys. Cabinets are manufactured from quality materials to ensure long lasting performance in arduous conditions.

The Inventus Marine product range includes blast chillers / blast freezers, as well as various additional functionalities and equipment

Hot line counter: Hot food holding unit, that has been designed to store pre-cooked food for long periods of time without deterioration to the texture or taste. Many have already been supplied and are in daily use both on military and merchant vessels.

Cold line counter -marine: Counters with marine feet have marine handles completed with lock, and magnetic gasket. Marine counters fit the needs of busy galleys and food service points on board vessels.

Walk-in Rooms: We offer a large range of tailor-made walk-in cold and freezer rooms.
They are easy and simple to install and are complete with cooling unit. Porkka walk-in rooms meet all special and safety requirements that USPHS and NORSOK hygiene standards demand.

All door models are equipped with an internal emergency opening mechanism, as well as other additional features.

Overshelf fluoresent lights: An overshelf with lights is a optional feature, but is highly recommed for example salad bars.

Marine wire shelwing with foor pedal: No hands needed! We know what it takes out in the sea and our Marine range is designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent demands of our customers.

Marine shelf stopper. Our cabinets are designed to fit also rough seas.

Maritime Walk-In Rooms, and refrigerated and heated Cabinets and Counters

Porkka offers a wide range of food and beverage storage equipment for use in galleys and other food serving and preparation areas for all types of vessels.

Our products are made of stainless steel, with the inner surface made of high-quality, corrosion resistant AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning. Additionally, our cabinets and counters can be locked to ensure that they remain securely closed even in rough seas.

Please note that only Maritime Walk-In Rooms meet all special and safety requirements that USPHS and NORSOK hygiene standards demand.

With a wealth of experience in the marine industry, Porkka has successfully completed numerous large-scale projects, providing kitchen equipment to some of the world’s most luxurious cruise liners. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, with a focus on reducing waste and promoting the recyclability of our products. Furthermore, low power consumption ensures Porkka Marine equipment is environmentally friendly.

To further enhance the safety and hygiene of marine galleys used on cruise liners, we offer Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalysis coating, a new innovative self-disinfecting solution that can be applied to control panel and handle surfaces to protect against microbes.

Choose Porkka for reliable and durable kitchen equipment that can handle anything the ocean can throw at it, while also prioritizing sustainability and hygiene. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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Porkka drawer units for cruise ship.

Design your own marine counter!

Our modular line counters allow the creation of hundreds of different configurations. Porkka drawer units are ideal for demanding conditions of a cruise ship.

Design your own drawer unit