Neutral counters

Our non-refrigerated counters for cutlery, utensils and other items and food that can be stored at room temperature. 

Non-refrigerated counters for cutlery, utensils, other items and shelf-stable products

Our neutral, non-refrigerated counters are intended for cutlery and utensils, as well as other items and food that can be stored at room temperature. The Porkka series of neutral counters includes drawer units of various sizes and assemblies for the needs of commercial kitchens, catering facilities and restaurants. 

We also provide an extensive range of accessories for our neutral counters, such as additional shelves and doors, drip proofing, infrared heaters with illumination, tray levels and special lids, according to need. 

Our selection of non-refrigerated counters include: 

  • Neutral drawer units 
  • Neutral well units for ice/bottles 
  • Table-top display cabinets and counters with glass doors 

You can supplement your Hot Line and Cold Line counters with matching neutral, non-refrigerated storage drawers, which will add to the versatility of your professional kitchen equipment. The drawers are available with or without doors. 

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Configuration tools

Our free configuration tools allow you to design your own cold rooms or line counters.