Clean rooms for the pharmaceutical and bioindustries

Clean room working in Porkka clean rooms is safe and accounts for the special requirements of the work and the industry.

The successful production of many products, medical operations and various research efforts require the maximal removal of impurities from within the work space, or clean room working. 

The hygienic Porkka clean rooms, made in Finland, are always designed and custom-made for their end uses. Porkka has extensive experience in clean room building. We deliver clean rooms to hospitals, research laboratories, hospital pharmacies and the bioindustry around the world. We have also designed and manufactured clean rooms for international healthcare organisations. 

International know-how on clean room solutions 

Porkka possesses strong international know-how in the design and manufacturing of clean rooms.   

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) refers to the manufacturing practices of pharmaceuticals, including the arrangements and procedures employed in the production and quality assurance of pharmaceuticals. These means ensure that the drugs meet all the requirements set for them. Different branches of the industrial sector are all subject to industry-specific requirements and agreements concerning the environment and their processes. A skilled partner such as Porkka, which can implement clean room solutions that meet the most stringent criteria, can be enormously helpful in this respect. 

We build clean rooms that meet the requirements of classes 1–8 of ISO 14644 and grades a–D of the GMP. 

ISO 14644 specifies the classification of air cleanliness in terms of the concentration of airborne particles in clean rooms and clean zones, for example. 

Strict requirements are necessary with respect to bioindustry facilities and the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in a hospital pharmacy. Clean rooms are also necessary in the food industry in relation to biotechnologies, such as the use microbes. 

Porkka clean rooms are designed and manufactured at our modern Ylöjärvi plant.[Rivityskohta]Clean room technology is used by a wide variety of industries. Learn more about Porkka clean room solutions for the food and electronics industries, among others. 

Clean room doors and panels 

Clean room doors are made from the same materials as clean room panels.  

We manufacture both single and double clean room doors with various selection of locks and silicone gaskets. The handles and other features of our clean room doors are selected according to the requirements of the intended use of each door. 

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