Cold equipment for medical and research

Festivo-Porkka offers a wide range of cold and freezer cabinets and ice cube machines for the storage of the medicines and test portions of the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and research institutions. We manufacture several models in many different sizes for medical and research purposes. We also produce clean rooms! 

Cold storage for pharmaceuticals – The next generation of cold equipment for the medical and research sectors

The entire Porkka medical and research range is designed and manufactured for professional use and meets the most stringent requirements of customers and the EU’s F-gas Regulation alike. 

Our versatile range of cold equipment and research and test cabinets for the medical and research sectors is easy to use and of a high quality. Our equipment is environmentally friendly not only thanks to their low energy consumption, but its high degree of recyclability. 

Porkka is also highly skilled in the design and manufacturing of clean rooms for the pharmaceutical and electronic industries. 

Inventus Medical cold and freezer cabinets

The Inventus Medical cold and freezer cabinets are designed to improve product safety in the storage and warehousing of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

The MED and MED SAVE product families for the storage of pharmaceuticals

A wide range of cabinets and drawer units especially for the need of reception rooms, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Clean rooms for the pharmaceutical and bioindustries

Clean room working in Porkka clean rooms is safe and accounts for the special requirements of the work and the industry.

Ice cube and ice flake machines for medical purposes

Economical ice cube and ice flake machines for hospitals, laboratories and research use.

Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating

The Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating is an innovative self-disinfecting solution for protecting the surface of your equipment against microbes.

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At the moment, Porkka products with less than a month delivery time

Manufacturing in Finland and improved availability of materials allow Porkka to keep the delivery times short and all of the products have a delivery time of less than one month from order date.

New – Porkka Blue – Solution for Disinfecting Spaces and Surfaces

Cold Room Solution for the new Birmingham Children’s Hospital – N.H.S. UK