High-quality commercial refrigeration equipment

High-quality professional refrigeration equipment for the HoReCa sector and medical and research uses, and customized cold and clean room solutions for different branches of industry. Made in Finland.

About Porkka Our products

Porkka – commercial cooling with decades of experience

Porkka Finland is a professional refrigeration equipment and cold and clean room designer and manufacturer with a solid international reputation. Our first-rate commercial refrigeration equipment is made at our Ylöjärvi and Kemijärvi plants. 

Porkka is known for its reliability – the long life-cycle, premium quality and serviceability of its products – and technical skills. Porkka has been a member of The Association for Finnish Work since 1993. 

Porkka is part of the strong Festivo-Porkka Group, which operates in the refrigeration sector.

Hotels & restaurants

Porkka offers a versatile range of commercial kitchen equipment for the storage, preparation, plating-up and serving of food and beverages.

Cold equipment for medical and research

Festivo-Porkka offers a wide range of cold and freezer cabinets and ice cube machines for the storage of the medicines and test portions of the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and research institutions.

Modular rooms and doors

Custom-made cold rooms, clean room solutions and high-quality hinged and sliding doors for a variety of industrial needs and for the pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries.

Project sales

Cold and clean room designs and creative solutions for different cold projects of the industrial sector. We design and deliver custom-made solutions to our customers with decades of experience.

At the moment, Porkka products with less than a month delivery time

Manufacturing in Finland and improved availability of materials allow Porkka to keep the delivery times short and all of the products have a delivery time of less than one month from order date.

Porkka pilots new raw material in Green Foam project for sustainable development

Festivo-Porkka Group is actively participating in development of environmentally friendly insulation solutions.

New antimicrobial Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating available for Festivo-Porkka products