The MED and MED SAVE product families for the storage of pharmaceuticals

A wide range of cabinets and drawer units especially for the need of reception rooms, hospitals and healthcare facilities. Lockable cabinets and drawer cabinets that are easy to clean are the ideal solutions for storing pharmaceuticals.

Festivo Med 2021 120 XW70L

Festivo Med Save 2021 80

Festivo Med Save 2021 200

Festivo MED 2021 80 GD XW70L desktop model

Festivo MED 2021 160160 GD

The MED and MED SAVE product families for the storage of pharmaceuticals

The new and innovative Porkka MED and MED SAVE pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed for the needs of hospitals, laboratories and healthcare facilities. The product family includes an extensive range of small, middle-sized and, when required, very spacious cold and freezer cabinets and drawer units for the storage of pharmaceuticals and other products demanding special precision. 

Our reliable pharmaceutical refrigerators are energy efficient and easy to use. All models are lockable and spark proof. The built-in smart properties improve the safety of medicinal products. 

Our range includes 

  • Laboratory refrigerators 
  • Laboratory freezers 
  • Pharmaceutical chillers 
  • Pharmaceutical freezers 
  • Pharmaceutical refrigerators 

All cabinets and drawer units are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. 

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Improved product safety due to antimicrobial treatment

The door handles of the MED series laboratory refrigerators and the keyboards of their control units have been treated with the new self-disinfecting Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating, which protects the equipment’s surface against microbes and bacteria. An antimicrobial additive has also been added during the production phase to the evaporation basin for the condensation water. 

Factory-installed accessories include the treatment of interior surfaces with the Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating. In such cases, the equipment is also fitted with germicidal lights. These treatments protect the equipment’s components against microbes (including bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses). 

Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating

The Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating is an innovative self-disinfecting solution for protecting the surface of your equipment against microbes.

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