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Porkka BC 48-200 SH Blast chiller room for trolley operation

Width (mm) 1500
Depth (mm) 2400
Hight (mm) 2100
Blast Chilling capacity* 2 x 100 kg/90 min.
Blast freezing capacity**
Shock freezing capacity***
Connected power for central plant system 900 W / 230 V

The refrigerating capacity is informed according to the regulations and requirements of the DHSS.
* Blast chilling capacities have been calculated using GN1/1 trays 65mm deep with a product thickness of 50mm entering at +70 to +3°C within the stated time period.
** Blast freezing capacities have been calculated using GN1/1–65mm deep trays with a product thickness of 50mm from 0 to –18°C.
*** All Porkka appliances meet international standards and requirements for Blast Chilling of foodstuffs.


The range of Porkka BC Blast Chillers and the combined BC/BF Blast Chiller and Blast Freezers is large and versatile and can be used for a multitude of different applications.

BC and BC/BF 48-200-SH are supplied as a pass through version with doors at each end of the chamber. The unit can accept GN1/1 and GN2/1 trolleys each loaded with up to 100 kg of product. There is an internal sliding partition door, which allows each system to operate independently if required. Therefore both sections can operate on separate settings dependent on what food types are being processed. If operating on reduced amount then only one system can be used reducing operating costs accordingly. Once again to be operated with remote condensing units or can be connected to a central cooling system. Open vented drains are required.