Inventus chiller and freezer cabinets

Energy-efficient chiller and freezer cabinets for the chilled and frozen foods of professional kitchens.

Inventus equipment is given a three-year warranty.

The Inventus series covers a number of different sizes and models with glass windows. 

Inventus models 7 and 8 come with a GN 2/1 dimensioning, meaning that GN containers are easy to use.

The cabinets are equipped with an easy-to-use and hygienic controller.

The Inventus products are extremely energy-efficient commercial chillers and freezers, ideals for the demanding conditions of professional kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, cafés, retail outlets and the like.

The Inventus product family includes chiller and freezer cabinets, blast chillers and blast freezers as well as a variety of optional features and accessories. Every commercial Inventus chiller and freezer cabinet is made from long-lasting components of the highest quality.

Easy-to-clean commercial refrigeration with a high level of hygiene

The structures of the Inventus cabinet allow for a high level of hygiene, prevent the accumulation of dirt and make cleaning as easy as possible.

The doors are equipped with magnetic gaskets that can be replaced without tools.
The four adjustable anti-tilt shelves with brackets included as standard are designed to prevent over tilting when the tray is pulled out partially.
The cabinets are available mounted either on castors or legs.
The shelves and shelf posts can be removed without tools.
In addition, the rounded corner and edges make cleaning truly effortless.
The interiors of the cabinets do not contain any grooves or gaps for dirt to hide in. All stainless steel parts of the cabinets are dishwasher safe.

Representing world-class usability, the Inventus product range is designed and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. The cabinets can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C!

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An energy-efficient solution for commercial kitchens

The Inventus chiller and freezer cabinets are tested according to the EN 16825 Standard, applicable to the European energy labelling of the ecological design of commercial refrigeration equipment intended for commercial use. 

A single Inventus chiller cabinet can achieve savings equal to up to several hundreds of euros over its 10-year operating life-time. In the case of dozens of Inventus cabinets, the amount of such savings is beginning to have a significant impact on annual costs. In terms of freezers, the euros saved are double compared to the chillers. 

  • long life-cycle (roughly 50% fewer running cycles than in Future cabinets). 
  • many different versions of the products: 
  • plug-in model; 
    • central cooling system options for different refrigerants; 
    • water-cooled model. If you can’t find one that fits your purposes, contact us! 
  • models 7 and 8 come with a GN 2/1 dimensioning, meaning that GN containers are easy to use.