Porkka Blue – Antimicrobial solution for refrigeration equipment

A safe, effective and economical solution for the disinfection of refrigerated sales and storage appliances in professional kitchens, shops and similar facilities.

PORKKA BLUE – Disinfectant technology for Porkka refrigeration equipment

PORKKA BLUE is a disinfecting luminaire producing blue light, which has been shown to destroy harmful bacteria, moulds and yeasts from surfaces. PORKKA BLUE contributes to a significant improvement of safety in professional kitchens, retail outlets and the industrial sector.

PORKKA BLUE disinfects effectively without chemicals, water or ultraviolet, or UV, light. Studies conducted by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) have shown this new light technology to be non-ionising, meaning that it is safe for humans and materials.

PORKKA BLUE makes your life easier by deploying the blue light and destroying harmful microbes whenever the door of a refrigerated appliance is closed. At the same time, it advances the safety of food, pharmaceuticals, packaging and storage spaces, and tools ecologically.

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PORKKA BLUE has been shown to 

  • significantly reduce the amount of harmful microbes. 
  • Studies have shown that the PORKKA BLUE light is effective in reducing concentrations of the Salmonella enterica bacterium, among others. 
  • PORKKA BLUE’s effectiveness is equivalent to that of UV light, but without the harmful effects of UV light. 

The PORKKA BLUE disinfecting light keeps the surfaces of professional refrigeration appliances hygienic and safe 

The PORKKA BLUE light is available as a factory-installed accessory for Porkka cold and freezer rooms and professional kitchen cabinets. Retrofitting to professional refrigeration equipment is also possible. The PORKKA BLUE disinfectant technology is even more effective when combined with a catalytic coating added on the appliances. In this case, the blue light triggers a reaction that effectively destroys even viruses. The reaction does not degrade the coating. 

The combination of blue light and catalytic coating is effective on all microorganisms, including viruses, spores and VOCs. 

Blue light without the coating is effective on bacteria, mould and yeast fungi. The blue light also breaks down biofilm. 


The best and most effective disinfection solution for professional refrigeration equipment in all uses 

PORKKA BLUE  is the best and most effective solution for disinfecting the surfaces of refrigerated appliances in the following: 

  • nursing homes 
  • schools and daycare centres 
  • dental clinics 
  • veterinary clinics 
  • grocery stores 
  • restaurants and kitchens 
  • supermarkets 
  • the food industry 
  • logistics centres 
  • refrigerated storages for waste 
  • medical solutions in hospitals 
  • laboratories and clean spaces

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