Cold Room Refurbishment Project / Porkka UK

Porkka UK has recently launched its “Porkka Cold-room Refurbishment Project” in Subway Leek.

The refurbishment is split into two parts, Technical and Aesthetic. During the Technical refurbishment the room receives a full service during which all worn, damaged or broken components are replaced and the refrigeration system is checked and repaired as necessary. During the Aesthetic element of the refurbishment the rooms are cleaned, the outer skin is resurfaced and new top and bottom trims fitted.

The goal is to bring Porkka Cold-Rooms back as close as possible to factory settings and to then go forward within a Porkka UK service contract environment designed to ensure that Porkka rooms continue to add value to your business for as long as possible.


More information:

James Kavanagh
Sales Director
Porkka UK Ltd.


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