Porkka Walk-In cold or freezer rooms are a common feature in many Finnish fast-food restaurants

Also, this autumn, Porkka’s Ylöjärvi factory has delivered customized Walk-In cold and freezer rooms to various parts of Finland. In fast-food places, most ingredients are frozen, products ranging from fries to burgers. The cold room needs to be spacious with ample storage space because items like salads arrive at restaurants ready-made, and demand is rapid. Customized cold and freezer rooms, tailored in size, maximize the utilization of the space.

Commonly the freezer room is 20–50 percent larger than the cold room

Most fast-food restaurants typically want both a cold and freezer room. Finland’s largest hamburger restaurant chains rely on Porkka’s solutions for their cold and freezer rooms. Up to 95 percent of the largest chains’ hamburger restaurants require both rooms. Generally, they are built as a single unit, with the freezer at the back of the kitchen and the cold room acting as an outer room in front of the freezer. The size of the rooms varies based on the restaurant’s size, with the smallest Walk-In cold and freezer rooms being 5 square meters and the largest 20 square meters. Additionally, there are rooms of various sizes in between. Generally, the freezer room is 20–50 percent larger than the cold room.

– There is a lot of variation in the solutions, depending on how much different restaurant chains want to invest in their Walk-In rooms. Floors are either quality aluminum tear plate (AI tear plate) or commonly a 15 mm non-slip coated plywood floor, says Kalle Lammi, Porkka’s project manager. The most common coating for Walk-In room surfaces is a food-grade approved polyester coating, which is easy to clean. Stainless steel (RST) coating is also possible. According to Lammi, some rooms may have surfaces with a PVDF coating, which is a slightly more expensive material.

– Customized Walk-In rooms generally use sliding doors. Thresholds are avoided altogether because they hinder the movement of ingredients on trolleys, Lammi describes.

Clear and efficient turnkey delivery for cold room solutions

Currently, a customized Walk-In cold or freezer room can be delivered within 6–8 weeks of the order. According to Lammi, Porkka is the quality standard in the restaurant industry in Finland, and Porkka’s solutions have high internal quality criteria.

Porkka also provides unbeatable comprehensive service, and its cold room expertise is top-notch on a global scale.

Comprehensive service includes

  • cold room design,
  • manufacturing,
  • project management,
  • after-sales,
  • maintenance,
  • and spare parts service.

– We have clear and efficient turnkey delivery. Also, 90 percent of Porkka’s deliveries include the delivery of refrigeration technology, Lammi describes. If necessary, Porkka competitively evaluates refrigeration technology from various industry players on a case-by-case basis, but ultimately, the customer decides which supplier provides the cooling and whether cooling is part of Porkka’s overall delivery or if the customer acquires cooling separately.

Need a customized Walk-In cold or freezer room?

You can also directly contact our cold room solutions experts:

Petri Hara
Sales Manager

Kalle Lammi
Project Manager

Sirpa Salonmaa
Product Sales Manager

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