Porkka Earns Bronze EcoVadis Medal – Carbon Roadmap Targets 2030

Mika Simi, CEO of Porkka Finland and Katri Inkinen, Porkka’s sustainability specialist.

Since its early days in the 1960s, Porkka Finland has been aiming for the of the refrigeration industry. For several years now, Porkka has engaged in determined sustainability efforts, encapsulating continous improvement and learning under the headline of Sustainability. However, this work has been done in the company for a long time!

Sustainability involves persistent efforts to reduce the environmental impact of products and enhance energy efficiency. During the design and manufacturing stages, refrigeration equipment and spaces are engineered to be as durable, modular, easily maintainable, reusable and recyclable as possible.

–  Our goal is to be a leader in sustainability within the refrigeration industry in Northern Europe, says Mika Simi, CEO of Porkka Finland.

Today, sustainability is vital for businesses, and as a trusted brand, Porkka strives to remain at the forefront of the refrigeration sector’s sustainability efforts.

In advancing sustainability, Porkka utilizes internationally recognized and respected measurement methods, which systematically improve operations and validate the effects of implemented actions.

The newly formulated carbon roadmap aims for the year 2030, with Porkka’s goal being a complete transition to biofuels and zero-emission energy. Detailed targets can be found on the Sustainability page.

The Bronze EcoVadis Certificate Indicates the Right Direction

The most tangible example of Porkka’s sustainability work is the first EcoVadis assessment completed earlier this year. EcoVadis offers a globally trusted rating for companies, and has done so already for over 130,000 of them.

Porkka achieved a bronze level, placing it within the top 35 % of assessed companies.

– We were just a few points shy of the silver level. This audit motivates us to continue our ambitious sustainability efforts, says Katri Inkinen, Porkka’s sustainability specialist.

Inkinen notes that the evaluation provided a comprehensive overview of the current situation. The acknowledgment highlights both the well-managed areas and those requiring improvement.

– We recognize opportunities to enhance our supply chain management and are actively addressing these areas. Regarding social sustainability, we largely meet high standards, however, our policies and procedures are not sufficiently documented to substantiate practices during evaluations. Additionally, we need to advance our sustainability metrics and data gathering efforts to enable more comprehensive and precise reporting. The goal is to renew the assessment by 2024.


EcoVadis is a globally recognized, industry-leading assessment company that provides businesses with sustainability certificates and reports. EcoVadis’ methodology is based on international sustainability standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), UN Global Compact, and ISO 26000, offering a thorough and reliable assessment.

The evaluation covers four main areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. These are assessed through 21 different criteria.

Many leading global companies and organizations use EcoVadis assements as part of their supplier selection processes and sustainability programs.

Explore Porkka’s Sustainability and Quality pages!

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