A restaurateur can work alone thanks to Porkka products

Kaija Saariniemi, the owner of Meille-lunch restaurant and catering service in Kemijärvi’s Heralammen business house, runs her restaurant alone. Thanks to Porkka products and equipment, she manages to prepare and serve delicious home-cooked food with a generous salad bar, dessert, and coffee/tea for 40-70 lunch guests daily.

The restaurant uses a variety of Porkka products, including DHMC® temperature control storage cabinets, milk and beverage storage, and dispensing equipment, warming plate dispensers, buffet carts, refrigerators, freezers, and cooling line glass cabinets. The DHMC® temperature control system has an Avainlippu emblem from the Association for Finnish Work for both food storage cabinets and milk and beverage storage and dispensing equipment. Saariniemi emphasizes the DHMC’s importance in her daily work, allowing her to prepare food early in the morning and serve customers at lunchtime without leaving her workstation.

She also praises the DHMC® temperature control system’s ability to keep food fresh for hours. With Porkka’s innovative storage solutions, food does not dry out, potatoes do not become rubbery, and the nutritional values of the food remain the same as when it was first prepared.

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At the moment, Porkka products with less than a month delivery time

Manufacturing in Finland and improved availability of materials allow Porkka to keep the delivery times short and all of the products have a delivery time of less than one month from order date.

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Porkka’s products meet even the most demanding professional kitchen requirements for restaurants, cafés and hotels.