Huurre Group Oy is selling its Compact Refrigeration Business Division

20.12.2019 | Vantaa, Finland
Press release

Huurre Group Oy has sold Porkka Finland Oy with its subsidiaries to Festivo Finland Oy on 19.12.2019.

The CR Division companies included in the transaction are Porkka Finland Oy, Porkka Scandinavia AB, Porkka Norge AS and Porkka UK Ltd.

With the closing of the transaction, all Porkka companies will be transferred to Festivo Finland Oy.

As the transaction contains all Porkka companies, all personnel of the companies are naturally part of it.

For the time being, all CR Business Division companies continue operating as before.

”We believe Festivo will make an excellent owner and partner for Porkka customers and employees going forward,” says Ari Anttonen, Chairman of the board.

We also confirm that Huurre Group will change its name to Huukka Holding Oy as soon as the legal registration of the change has taken place.

For further information, please contact: Ari Anttonen tel. +358 40 540 3277.