Finnish refrigeration equipment for the HoReCa sector – see the video of our solutions

Porkka’s products meet even the most demanding professional kitchen requirements for restaurants, cafés and hotels. The versatile product range includes equipment for food and beverage storage, prepration and serving. The products are manufactured in Finland and are energy-efficient solutions also for industrial and central kitchens.

Porkka’s professional refrigeration equipment for HoReCa sector includes customisable cold and freezer rooms, efficient refrigerators and freezers, and line counter with different temperatures (cold, neutral and hot). The product range also includes ice cude and ice flake machines for restaurants and cafés.

Finnish quality for professional kitchens

Porkka’s professional refrigeration equipment is an environmentally friendly equipment solution. The materials used in the products are durable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. The recyclability rate and other reuse of products manufactured in Finland is more than 95 %.

The Key Flag Symbol, awarded by the Association for Finnish Work to its members, is a mark of Finnish quality. The Key Flag symbol indicates that the product is made in Finland and employs people in Finland. Porkka has been a member of the Association for Finnish Work since 1993. Among the professional refrigeration equipment for the hotel and catering industry, the Inventus refrigeration and quick-freezing equipment, Cold Line refrigerated drawer units, DHCM food storage equipment and milk and other beverage storage and dispensing equipment are Key Flag symbol products.

Design Tools

Porkka’s free design tools allow you to design a line to suit your needs. Hundreds of different configurations can be produced from modular line counters. The easy-to-use tool allows you to save your design as a PDF document. It’s also easy to include in your quotations and orders!

Porkka Finland Oy is part of the Finnish Festivo-Porkka Group. Porkka’s core business areas are HoReCa, pharmaceuticals, research, and the marine industry. The Porkka brand is renowned for its quality and reliability, and its success is based on decades of experience, customer-oriented design and continous product development. Porkka has three factories in Finland: in Kemijärvi, Ylöjärvi and Hollola.

Aiheeseen liittyvät tuotteet

Porkka delivered doors, roof and wall elements, to Bama Fresh Cuts’ ready-cut salad factory

BAMA NORDIC is one of the leading companies in the Nordic region within the field of fruits, vegetables, and fresh prepared foods.

A restaurateur can work alone thanks to Porkka products

Kaija Saariniemi, the owner of Meille-lunch restaurant and catering service in Kemijärvi, runs her restaurant alone

At the moment, Porkka products with less than a month delivery time

Manufacturing in Finland and improved availability of materials allow Porkka to keep the delivery times short and all of the products have a delivery time of less than one month from order date.